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Car Damage and Follow-up Noise

Recently I slid on black ice front corner into a barrier, I got things checked with a mechanic and says everything is fine other than the scratches and slight crack on the bumper that is not worth fixing on an older car. As well a chunk/layer of plastic located directly in front of the front left tire came off during the impact (where the washer fluid is). My car after the accident has been a tiny bit shaky and making loud airplane like noises from the crash area (possibly from the tires). Before I replace that plastic piece inside the tire hole, I wanted to make sure that is the main cause of the noise before paying to get it done. If anyone is able to confirm this that would be greatly appreciated.

What color is the car?

Seriously, we need more than that. What plastic inside the tire hole? Maybe take a picture so we’re all on the same page, along with posting make, model, year?

It’s probably a good idea to replace that missing plastic piece straight away. Plastic in the wheel well area is often a shield to prevent debris from the road from being thrown into the engine. If a rock gets thrown into a drive belt, it can do some serious damage. Or road debris could damage the crank sensor, which could cause the engine to stop running. Or water could get on the high voltage ignition system and short it out.

Ask a mechanic there local give you guidance on the noise. It may just be wind noise is all, and will go away once the plastic shielding is replaced. If the handling is “shaky”, no harm done to take it to a front end alignment shop. They’ll be able to tell you if something in the suspesion system got damaged or mis-aligned in the accident. Best of luck.

If it’s making a crazy noise now, something may be rubbing against the tire, or you may have done more damage than it looks like–you might have bent something in the suspension or at least knocked the car out of alignment.

My guess would be bearing damage. That’d sound like a small airplane roaring. And yes, bearings can and do get damaged from this type of impact.

+1 on bearing damage. My daughter wrecked her car. After it was “fixed”, there was a noise like a propeller coming from the damaged side of the front end. It was a damaged but not replaced bearing. Get it checked again.

I’ve had to change my own fron bearings due to exectly the same sound…after hitting a nasty pothole.

To be more clear it is the piece between the front tire that covered up the parts in front…the fluids and the engine, so I will definitely fill it to prevent rocks from getting through.

Maybe the wind is entering affecting the tire and some of its movement hence the shaking?

And yea bearing problems had been noticeable before the accident. Is there a possibility that it is that plastic/hole that is echoing the sound along with the engine?

If you know that you have bad bearings, get them replaced and see if the sound remains.