Noise from the wheels

I got in my car Toyota Avalon 97 and I heard a small pop like I ran over a pop can. Then as i began driving I hear a noise that sounds like it is coming from the wheels. It seem like ever time it make a full rotation I hear a flap. Almost like a flat tire. Can anyone help?

Assuming that you have already checked the pressure in your tires, the next step should be to take a look at the fender liners. A sagging plastic fender liner could produce exactly what you are experiencing.

The air pressure is good and I did not see anything hanging down around the wheel wells. Any other thoughts?

There’s no real way to guess. Someone who knows something is going to have to look at the car.

How long had the car been sitting and what are the temps like?

Two thoughts.

If you have plastic wheel covers, remove them and see if the sound disappears.

Does the steering wheel move back and forth a low speeds? This indicates a slipped/shifted belt in one of the front tires. The bad tire should be replaced.

Ed B.

Alloy wheels and in driving the car up and down the block i had no difference in the steering

This sounds like a possible internal tire failure. That could be verified on a machine that’s capable of road-force balancing.

But…from here I can only guess. The car needs to go up on a rack ASAP for a good look-see underneath. This could be nothing serious, but it could also be a wheel ready to fall off. Don’t despair, but also don’t procrastinate! Get it checked! Now!