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Help finding an episode

My husband wants to use an episode of car talk for an illustration in his class, but I can’t seem to find it. The woman who called in said that she had put premium gas in her car one day because the station was out of regular, then had a problem when she went back to regular. A friend suggested that her car had now gotten used to premium, so she drove all day to empty the regular, and filled up with premium. I don’t remember if that made the problem go away, but the guys told her the type of gasoline was completely irrelevant and that it was a coincidence. Can anyone tell me what episode that was?

I don’t think the call summaries can be searched. But if you know about what date it aired, you can find it yourself. Click on “Our Show” at the top of the CarTalk page, then choose “browse shows”. You’ll have to go through them one by one clicking “view call details” to find that exact call.