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Houston Art Car Parade

If you are interested, check out this video.

Downloaded 27 times, and still no comments?

the video automatically loads in the post, it caused my browser to hang for a minute.
Kinda weird to hear Low Rider in spanish

To me, cars like the Ferrari 250 are art. Cars like the Shelby Cobra are art, cars like the Porsche Spyder are art, the 1967 Corvette is art. The things in the video don’t do anything for me. No offense intended.

I admit owning one or more of the cars you mentioned would be fun, but to own one of those cars would be an expression of someone else’s artistic vision, not your own. What these people have done is far more creative, in my opinion, than spending six figures on a high performance vehicle. No offense intended either, but I am sad that your appreciation for art is so limited that none of those cars do anything for you. If that fish car with the dancing lobsters on top doesn’t at least make you grin, I feel sorry for you, but don’t take it personally.

I thought they’d be a VW Beetle in there somewhere; they are popular art/wacky modified cars.

There are several beetles in there, you just need to look for them. I admit, it’s hard to distinguish the original Beetles from new ones.

I am pretty sure this one is a new Beetle.