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Art from Car Parts?!

I’m sitting in the next room from a gallery exhibit here in Arlington, MA of sculptures made from car parts - springs & gaskets, tires & transmissions transformed into quite cool works of art, by Maine sculptor Jeff Mann. Do you know any other artists who have taken car parts from the garage to the gallery?

This isn’t that unique. A Google should turn up a list of artists that do this.

In the early 1970’s I saw a VW turned into a stegosaurus on display at the Cincinnati Art Museum. It was called Stegowagonvolksasaurus as I recall and was pretty cool to see. The artists who created it were at the museum as well. It was a traveling display and I heard that a few years later it was badly damaged.

The above link shows several art cars. This has been going on for decades. If you count the painted VWs in the 60s, it’s almost 50 years old.

Here’s a picture of it

There is a guy in central Illinois that paints scenery on fenders, etc. Good looking as long as long it is not in my den.