Hot powerwasher

So under the wrong supervision and training, i put diesel fuel into the unleaded tank of the powerwasher on the work truck. Ran it until it died. Then tried to restart a few more times. Is it fixable? And how bad is the damage?

I can’t think of any permanent damage this would cause. Get the diesel out of the tank, fuel line, and carb and it should run. A check of the spark plug(s) is also a good idea.

Under the wrong supervision and training? I will bet nothing has ever been your fault,

Drain the tank, change the filter if it has one, drain the carb if there’s a bowl drain, and put a new spark plug(s) and see what happens. It will probably smoke like crazy for a few minutes.

I agree with the others here. No damage will occur. There will be a little work involved as well as some patience. I’ve seen this before and I know that I will see it again.

I concur with the others. It’s going to be an annoyance more than anything, but the powerwasher’s engine is probably okay. I think it’s kinda funny that they would have to supervise someone refueling a small engine, you’d think that would be a pretty self explanatory procedure, but there you go.

As others have said, this isn’t a big deal. On the other hand, putting unleaded in a diesel engine is worse, so make sure that never happens.

Have you suggested that your employer put some kind of label near the gas cap?