Dirty fuel!?!

My 2003 Dodge 3500 was running rough, I took it to the dealer, they claimed they fixed it by removing contaminated fuel. When I got it back, it didn’t seem much better and over the next week, it got worse. I took it back of course and they claimed that I bought more contaminated fuel.

This seems highly unlikely considering I always buy fuel from popular name brand stations. So I somehow have extremely bad luck to buy two batches of unclean fuel within a week!?! Hardly.

Anyone else know of a similar situation with Dodge 3500?

Thank you.

I doubt the fuel is the problem but maybe a bad injector or something else.

I’d be looking for a different shop.

Try and find a reliable (and reputable) independent one as your vehicle is out of warranty.

Diesel fuel or gasoline?

You do know that you can take your car to other than a dealer don’t you? You also know that independent mechanics are no worse (or better) than dealerships, but they almost always result in lower bills.

In this case, I would suggest your dealer does not have a clue.

It’s Diesel. A second dealership I took it to, they said the dirty fuel ruined my injectors and the injector pump. They quoted me an astounding $8200 to fix it and suggested I contact my insurance… which I did and the insurance said they won’t cover it because it’s a "known issue."
I’m going to take it to an independent mechanic I found listed here on cartalk.com and see what they say.

I can’t help but feel that I’m getting screwed by everyone. Dodge, the dealerships, and my insurance company. :frowning:
I want a bailout, plz.


Just my opinion, but I don’t think any shop should give someone a bad fuel diagnosis unless they have at least a 1 quart sample in a glass jar to remove any doubt about this problem. Or alleged problem.

Some questions here. How many miles on the truck?
Buy it new or used?

Just wondering if there is a compression problem is why I ask.