7.3 Ford Diesel



Have replaced fuel pump,primed, when started fuel pressure @ 55 lbs but will only run on ether, I’m spraying wd40 at same time as not to dry out cylinder, seems like not getting fuel to injectors


Be careful when spraying starting fluid in the cylinders. If your glow plugs are hot the engine can fire and cause internal damage. I think there is an injector pump with these engines inline between the fuel pump and injectors. Where are you taking the pressure readings? There is also a fuel pressure regulator that can cause a no fuel condition. I need more info to determine the problem. Year of truck?


Thank you for the information and I do understand about the glow plugs, I have unhooked the wire to the glow plugs. The truck is a 1995 OBD-2 diesel and uses the high pressure oil pump to open the injectors.