Diesel Spill

I have a Ford E350 Bus and the fuel line busted a few weeks ago. Diesel fuel poured out the bottom of the vehicle. The line has since been repaired and the bus runs fine but the problem now is that the smell of the spilled diesel is still lingering under the hood and the fumes are beginning to leak through the vents and into the bus. This all causes for a nice headache when trying to drive the vehicle. I’ve been told to leave the bus running and the spilled diesel will burn off and the smell will be eliminated but my attempts at that method hasn’t seemed to work. My questions to yall are: what can I do about the lingering smells and fumes from spilled diesel within the engine area of the bus? Are there any chemicals or alternative methods to rid the vehicle of the smells and fumes? Thanks guys

I would take the bus to a truck wash and have it sprayed underneath. When that is done just head out on the interstate and dry everything off. Ten miles one way should do it. Just leave your drivers window open until the smell dissipates.

First use a spray can of engine degreaser, available everywhere in auto parts stores. Get it into all the nooks and crannies. Rinse with a garden hose. Then follow missileman’s suggestion of the spray wash followed by a long drive.

I agree, and the sooner the better. It does dissipate but if dirt combines with the wet spots, it’s much harder. Water alone without detergent and Steve’s suggestion won’t work. Time definitely will. But, the diesel will not burn off if spilled somewhere near an air intake tat doesn’t get hot enough.

i like the engine degreaser idea. I spilled ATF all over the place and the smell of the stuff kept coming through the vents for 2 weeks until i used engine degreaser and the problem was solved