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Hot Porsche Seat

On last weeks show you suggested that a Porsche Boxter seat could be getting hot due to a missing exhaust shield.

This is a mid engine car. The doesn’t go under the passenger compartment does it?

LOL, I once heard these guys tell someone that their 912E had a leaking heater core. They are better a toyotas and hondas, this is why you don’t take a porsche to the corner repair shop.

No, the Cat’s are under/behind the engine which is behind the pasenger compartment. Hence the mid engine designation. The light in the switch could be burned out. Buy a new switch and try that. Read the owners manual to locate the fuses (hint you put your left foot on them every time you drive).

many moons ago and as a solution to some Husband vs Wife fracus. T&R suggested switching the R & L control switches for the seat heaters, so the result would be the L switch controlled the R seat, and vice versa.
Perhaps this is the car, after being sold?.
Perhaps we shoudl have T&R return to that caller and find out what type of car and where is it now?

No. The car on which T & R suggested switching the left & right seat heater switches was a Subaru Outback.