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Porche 356 question

What is the lever by the e brake? Sorry if this is a stupid question.


It’s not a stupid question at all and while never having the opportunity to work on these things, my guess is that it’s probably to operate the heater flaps; or as much of a heater as one could expect.

Can you enlarge the photo?

I agree, as I usually do, with ok4450.
Since this very early Porsche has a VERY strong mechanical similarity to the early VWs, I think that these levers are most likely the heater controls. And, just like on an air-cooled VW, even when you move the levers to heat the car, you may not actually notice any heat being emitted!

Incidentally, unless a total restoration of the car has taken place in the last few years, it would be a good idea to check the heat exchangers that transmit heat from the exhaust manifolds to the heater ducts. All too often, rust or minute cracks have allowed carbon monoxide to enter the heater ducts on older air-cooled cars like this.

I have a Speedster replica . . . that’s what the lever(s) are for on the kit. Rocketman

I never would have guessed thanks