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Hot hot hot down south!

I have an 1997 chevy tahoe 350 vortech I have a problem does any one have a answer. My ac went out I charged with 134a, my compressor checks out clutch etc. A mechanic told me the relay switch is bad to confirm this he took cover off relay and touched the points?? toghether and my ac started working I replaced the relay with the correct one twice the problem is there is still no power getting to the compressor unit any ideas. thanks

Him jumping the relay socket just confirmed that there was secondary voltage to the relay. However, there may not be primary voltge to the relay. Check the 10 amp ignition mini fuse located in the fuse/relay box under the hood. If this fuse is blown, you won’t get primary voltage to the relay.


fter checking out what Tester suggested, there is also the possibility that the system is over- or under charged. Have you tested the high- and low-side working pressures?