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1984 Chevy G20 van w/350

The other day I was driving with the air on high, Since the van is rather old, the compressor is quite loud. All at once the blower and the compressor stopped working at the same time. now I have no heat, defroster, vent plus when I slide the selector to AC. the compressor does not kick on.

Any suggestions?



You should disconnect the wire from the compressor clutch and change the blower fuse. Then you can drive the van anywhere that has cool weather.

Well I am not by any means a mechanic nor do I know very much about solving a problem such as this. This is a legitimate question and I was looking for someone with the maturity and the knowledge at least give me a half intelligent answer.

Is it a single fuse? or a relay? or a combination of problems that I should look for. Maybe someone that either may know or has had a similar problem with a solution that might help. I would appreciate some input.

It’s like this; if you don’t know how to check the fuses, you may be better off bringing it to a shop and asking if they can do it. It will take about five minutes. Nobody said anything about a relay. Your AC can’t be saved without $1,700 worth of work. There is no easy repair.

If I had known your qualifications… One guy said that he wasn’t mechanically inclined, so I gave him advice that was too simple. He went to a parts place, borrowed a code reader and changed his powertrain control module. Problem solved.

You’re on the spot, you’re the man. Accept the position and find the fuse box, even if it means actually looking for it or doing some research at a library or asking a parts guy to show you where it is.