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Air Conditioning trouble shooting

Air conditioning clutch wont engage. All fuses and relays are fine. i have 5 volts at low side pressure switch. I tried jumping low side switch still no go. I directly wired compressor then it worked. The indicator light inside is working also. I’m thinking low side and hi side switches are cheap enough try them 1st. Any other suggestions thanks in advance

Have you checked the static and low/high side pressures?


No not yet that’s why I tried by passing low side switch so I could see if any freon was still in system.

Sorry missunder stood I guess I could still check low side without running.

You can’t check the low side without it running.

You can only check the static pressure.

Take it to an AC shop before you damage the system, or injure yourself.

Or both.


Yeah… A/C isn’t really user friendly. Takes a lot of specialized “stuff” to handle and repair. As much as I hate to admit it… I sometimes have to call my A/C buddy to help me out. I am still in counseling from this fact… I rarely ask for help…I am still trying to come to the realization that there is no shame in that…hence the counseling. smh