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Hot hatch - Renault Clio 172

For me, this Renault Clio is nostalgic. 20 years ago, my father owned one, and we considered it a very fast powerful car :smiley:
Is it enough today? Renault Clio RS: a cheap hatch that gives supercars a beating | Drivertical
Maybe somebody has such a car? Share your Renault pictures with me!

Renault stopped selling cars in The US in 1991, fully 7 years before that Clio model was introduced, so the chance of the US-based members of this forum having owned one of them is not likely.

Once in a while, a few people from Europe (like you??) or another continent, wander into this North America-based forum, so it is possible that one of those rare visitors will respond, but you almost surely won’t get a response from the 99% US-based forum members.

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These are still a few years off from being legal to bring into the US other than as a museum display piece, there’s a museum here in the US that has a Clio Williams among others called the Lane Motor Museum. Harry Metcalfe formerly of EVO Magazine has raved about his Clio 182 though.

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Oh, good point, you are right. That is not the best place for such a discussion. Sorry.

No need to apologize!
When newcomers come to this site, they have no way of knowing that 99% of the members live in The US. And, you might not have been aware that Renault left the US marketplace many decades ago.

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