Mot faliure

hi i have a 1997 renult megan saloon 1.6, it has failed an mot after i spent ?350 on it to hopefully get it through, it now seemes it need a new converter at a cost of about ?200 with labout? does anyone actully think it is worth spend this money on it, it is a bit of a clapped out car anyway

Most people in the US are not familiar with Renaults.
Those who do remember when Renaults were sold in the US (30+ years ago?) would not offer very much money for one, based on how fast these cars fell apart.

You might have better luck in getting your question answered if you post it on a board that is frequented by Europeans. This board is based in the US, and probably 99% of the members are from the US. The younger ones have never even seen a Renault!

I’m unfamiliar with your terminology and don’t know what an mot or a labout are, and am unfamiliar with the current exchange rate between pounds and dollars, but if “clapped out” means old, beat up, and worn out, and you need a reliable vehicle it may be time to let this one go and seek a replacement.

And, as VDC said, while I remember Renaults I’m completely unfamiliar with that vehicle. It’s been many years since I’ve seen a Renault.


I think that I can translate a bit of the jargon used in the OP’s post.

“MOT” refers (I think) to a Ministry of Transport vehicle inspection–which may or may not be more rigorous than a “state” inspection in the US.

“Labout” (I think) was a typo, and probably was a reference to labor, as the word “labor” would seem to work in the context of the sentence. If I am correct about the currency exchange rate (and I could just as well be wrong), it sounds like the OP got a quote of ~$400. for a catalytic converter, which seems very reasonable. But, of course, I could be wildly misinterpreting the OP’s intended message, as well as being incorrect on currency conversion rates.

I am guessing that English is not the OP’s native language, given his/her obvious communication problems. However, I have ruled out the possibility that the OP is French, as someone from that country should be able to spell “Renault” and “Megane” correctly!

Incidentally, in case anyone is interested in seeing what a Renault Megane Saloon (sedan) looks like, here is a link to a photo of one:

A Versa with a booty!