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New here, and was wondering if there are any Daihatsu Sirion (or equivalent) owners here?

Was a first time caller with this ( and really found this site helpful and friendly on first use. I am an American living in Nepal, so most all of my car resources come from online, and I am glad to find this spot. Btw, is the show still going? I used to listen religiously decades ago, but since moving here in 2001, I have not turned on an AM/FM radio. Anyway, it would be nice to connect with a Daihatsu Sirion or MyVi owner, as I just bought a 2005 model after not owning a car since I left America. Wow, have cars changed since my last (an old VW camper).

Those weren’t sold here, so I don’t know if you’ll find anybody. Have you googled “Daihatsu forums”?

The show is in reruns and has been for some time. You are asking about vehicles that are not sold in the U.S. Also some of the brands that do have the same name will be different in different countries.

thx texases! so this site is basically USA? I know they sold them in the UK. But the Sirion was discontinued in 2009 I believe. I have not found a good forum for this car yet… they are very popular in Malaysia, but those forums are really bad for english readers :slight_smile:

Daihatsu was sold in the U.S. but for a short time only back in the mid/late 1980s.

The local GMC/Oldsmobile/Jeep dealer took them on as a franchise for only one reason. They were much cheaper vehicles than the others and were used as a carrot on a stick to attract people to the lot where sales personnel attempted to steer them into higher priced vehicles.

There weren’t many sold before they pulled out of the U.S. market and I’m sure the ones that were sold have long been crushed for recycling.

Believe or not, those old VW Westfalia campers have a cult following and can bring some fairly serious money.

so this site is basically USA?

Most of the regular’s here seem to be USA based, but folks from around the world post their car questions here daily.

Good to know George. The make is listed on this site but not my model.

@0k - I know! I could have sold my 1985 westfalia 4*4 for big bucks but it was ruined during a big storm in tiawana playa back in the 2000’s. I had plans of importing to NEPAL before that happened, and sure wish I had during the big quake last year. Instead I had to buy this Daihatsu to double as a temporary shelter.

What about an Australian forum, or the Philipines? It appears you are n Nepal, and you surely know that English is spoken in India. Surely Toyota sells Daihatsu in those countries.