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Hot Engine Air invading my interior Nissan 2002 Maxima SE

I have a nissan 2002 maxima se and the hot engine air comes into the interior. I have to put it in recycle mode and turn off all vents. The air conditioner doesn’t work, and on rare occassion my defroster doesn’t work and just kewl air but rare. I’ve had this problem for about a year now. The fan is working. I took it into the nissan authorized mechanic shop and they charged me 1700 for mostly labor for a 99 part. They had to remove the front head of my car to replace the part but it only made it worse. Before occassionally the air conditioner would work but that was rare and a nice surprize. I’m a single mother and I can’t afford a new car and another repair job like that didn’t fix it. It gets so hot I have to roll my windows down. I’ve google search checked cartalk before and no one seems to had this problem. Not even the Nissan people could fix it.