2019 Maxima - recourse for trouble?

I just bought my second Maxima ( first was totaled) on Jul 26 - just 3 weeks ago at 13 miles. I noticed right away that the seat cooling system was not working and the light would come on and off. I took it back this week on Tuesday (at about 500 miles). They had to order some electronic part and it’s still there as I write.
This obviously is not a good sign of things to come.What recourse do I have?

Any vehicle can have a problem and since you are getting this repaired under warranty there is no recourse. Chances are you will not have any more problems . And some parts just are not stocked at the dealer because the failure rate is low.

Why couldn’t you drive until they got the part in stock?

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The only option you have is for the Nissan dealer to repair the stated problem. You are not entitled to anything other than that.

Don’t get upset over one failure. All makes and models suffer problems.

I wouldn’t sweat it (pun intended). Seriously though, I’d be more worried if it were a more necessary and complex component that was being replaced. Like the engine, transmission, etc. As long as they repair the seats and you don’t have a rash of electrical problems or any more issues, you’ll be good to go. The failed seat coolers don’t necessarily indicate that your car is going to be problematic in the future.

If the OP was thinking that this type of problem might qualify her car as a “lemon” eligible for buy-back from the manufacturer, I have to state that this would not be the case. In most states, a “lemon” is one that has not been successfully repaired after 3 attempts at repairing the same problem. Additionally, the problem has to be one that impairs “the safety or driveability” of the vehicle. Seat coolers would not be considered to be that type of problem area.

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Because a “keister cooler” is so important and necessary for safe operation of the vehicle???

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I think the new Max is still upset at the premature death of its sibling and wants to subject you to the hot seat treatment.
But seriously its a shame they cannot just get the part from the wrecked one. There cannot be that many 2019s that can serve as donor cars. As for reliability, it should prove to be a good vehicle, but the more features you add on a car the more things that can become defective. Fortunately in this case its nothing major, and does not impact any of the main systems of the car. I am sure a replacement part will correct things.