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Nissan maxima sputtering

hi everyone,
i have a nissan maxima 2000 that sputters and the problem is getting progressively worse. if i am at a stoplight or just stopped with the drive gear on the car sputters . it skips almost every second, but if i put in in park the it runs smoothly. now i notice that it is sputtering even when i am driving( it was not doing it before).i have already changed the sparkplugs and cleaned the injectors. now i am debating whether i should change coils and boots . the repair is quite expensive so i want to make sure i am doing the right thing. any other ideas? thanks nico

When was the fuel filter replaced?
You could have a vacuum leak somewhere.

In fact, I believe Maximas had the same issue as Altimas of that vintage in the air intake where the gasket perishes and starts to suck extra air. Since that air is unmetered, it plays havoc with the mixture and the car will run like a hoopty.

Get some ether or starting fluid, start the car and carefully spray it around rubber hoses along the top of the engine and where the air intake meets the block. If the idle picks up, you’ve found yourself a vacuum leak.

If it is a leak in that air intake gasket, it is a pain to fix if it has to be removed.
What has worked for me is to get some Indian head gasket sealant and put it on a small art brush. Start the car and brush it along the seam of where the suspected gasket leak is. Rev the engine a bit to suck the stuff into the seam.
If the leak is not too huge, it may actually seal and permanently it, if it is indeed an air intake gasket leak. It beats taking that thing off - that’s a major headache on Nissans.

thank you. i’ll try that. the thing that puzzels me is why it sputters more when i have it in gear but thank you for your input. i’ll post the results

When you put it in gear, it puts more of a load on the engine. Since the fuel air mixture isn’t right, it is struggling a bit.

Well I sprayed starter fluid on hoses and nothing happened. I’ll do fuel filter and coils and keep fingers crossed. Thanks for your help however.

Let us know how you make out.