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Shunting (capping?) hoses to heater core-Camry

Please don’t get mad you guys in the frigid north( I heard Atlanta was colder than Alaska a few days ago) I don’t need the heat and one of my small water hoses is leaking(5/16") going from the water distributor(for lack of a better word) which has the temp sensor, to under the throttle body. The other 2 are bigger(5/8) and go to the firewall and into the heater core (I remember capping these on my '77 Corona)This is '90 Camry ,4 cyl. Hard to get those Japanese clamps off… Thanks for advise you can give. Mike

Diverting heated water from the heater core is OK,diverting heated water from the throttle body is not OK (this is what I conclude you are asking about,it is not really clear).

Thanks, At least cappinng the 2 larger ones(to heater) will give me more room to put on the small one to throttle body. On my other car one of the male pieces that the hose fit over was corroded in half. I guess it would be too risky to put something on it like grease…the hoses are very hard to get off; I had to cut one diagonally at the end to open it up. Mike

If it’s just the hose that’s leaking replace the hose and reconnect everything. Why eliminate the heater if it’s working?

You have to have heated coolant to the throttle body. You can’t eliminate that hose or cap it.

Yeah replace it! Don’t you ever use the window defrosters?

No, In Honolulu The only thing that happens is inside fogging of the windshield when it’s rainy and humid , but the a/c clears it up. The Camry is a 90 and I’ve never used the heater. So I guess it’s safe to leave the firewall side hose …attachment/bibs( the metal male piece)what would you call it. no need to cap that part AYE? (for you Canadians)…Tah, Mike

I hate you… :slight_smile:

One other thing to keep in mind is that when the temperature control is in any position other than full-cold A/C, it’s blending in a little bit of heated air. So if you want your A/C to work in any position other than full arctic mode, you need to keep the heater working!