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Horn replacement

The horn on my 2005 gmc canyon is sounding sick so I’m going to replace it possibly with a universal horn from an auto parts store.I’ve read some internet blogs that switching to something other than a factory horn could possibly disablethe chirp function when setting the alarm.(Horn is the alarm/panic)The blogs say the panic function will work but the chirp function may not. Is this the case or can I use the universal horn without any issues?

Have you looked at the parts store for a generic one that addresses this issue? I’ll bet the suppliers have responded to this concern.

I asked the clerk there if it would work for my vehicle and she stated that it should because it’s "universal."The horn is a wolo brand model 380-2T replacing an acd1972f

Is there a problem with OEM? If you put an OEM horn in, you won’t have these concerns.

Other than the outrageous price,there is nothing wrong with oem but the replacement is louder.