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Honda Horn sounds terrible

Hi all.

My 2000 Honda CR-V has a horn that sounds worse than the horn on the 4-year old’s tricycle down the street. I have done my research and found that this is a common complaint with this vehicle. So I want to replace the horn, my question is will replacing it with another horn OEM or after market design to fit the vehicle sound any better?
Any CR-V or Honda owners out there find a satisfactory solution to a horn that sounds halfway decent?

It might simply be a corroded ground. Horns ground their circuits through their bodies, and the mounting hardware sometimes becomes corroded creating a high resistance ground, which make the horn operate on 12VDC minus whatever voltage is “dropped” getting across the high resistance ground.

Try removing the horn, cleaning the mounting surfaces and hardware, and remounting it.
If that doesn’t work, you can buy an aftermarket horn dirt cheap.

Heck, just get one from J C Whitney that has multiple sounds to suit your mood that day. Seriously, I was trying to remember the last time I used the horn. I don’t honk at other drivers anymore because of the road rage factor.


Thanks guys. I did spray the connection with cleaner, but taking if off and cleaning sounds like a good idea. I’ll check J C Whitney too. Thanks.

I do. I’d rather get their attention than be polite and have them crash into me.
Do I get an occasional “digital signal”? Sure. But it’s better than an accident.

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If its the tone you don’t like, similar to the European bicycle type horns, you can just buy new horns at any auto parts store. Just go with standard US horns and it’ll sound like every other car. They are very cheap.

Here’s a thought . . .

Many/most vehicles actually have 2 horns . . . low tone and high tone

When one of them fails, it sounds funny, when you press the horn pad

I’m leaning towards that one of them failed

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Your CR-V has two horns. A left horn and a right horn.

It also has two horn switches in the steering wheel.

Before I would start replacing horns, I’d make sure the circuit is operating correctly.

If you know of another CRV in the neighborhood, comparing horn sounds wouldn’t take much effort. I haven’t noticed CRV’s to have a horn sound much different than other modern cars myself. It used to be back in the 1980’s honking was an unusual thing here in the SF Bay Area, but now honking is a very common thing.