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Horn Repair 2003 Chrysler T&C

Only one of the two horns on my Chrysler T&C is working. The sound is coming from the driver’s side. How do I locate the non-working horn and horn relay ? Any and all tips will be appreciated.

It’s not a relay. If it were, both horns wouldn’t work.

You might have a dead horn or a bad connection at the horn. To locate it, honk the good horn. And when you locate that one, look on the opposite side of the vehicle at the same area. You should see the dead horn. How to get at it? Each vehicle is different. Some require just removal of the grill, while others may require removing half of the front end of the vehicle.


Because of their location and they way they’re typically mounted, the mountings of horns often become corroded and they lose their electrical ground. To test for this you can either dismount, clean, and remount the horn or clip a seperate ground wire from the horn housing to a point on the chassis, then see if it works.

If you do need a new one, you can get a generic aftermarket horn at the parts store for about $20. To save aggrivation, you may want to pick this up first and return it for a refund if it turns out to be the ground.

Dual Car Horns 101:

One horn is a “high” tone and one is a “low” tone, often marked with H & L. They honk in harmony and the two different tones give a louder and more melodious sound.