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Unable to toot my own horn

Hello folks, new member with a car question. I have a 2003 ford focus with a horn that is not working. I replaced the fuse and relay already to no avail. I don’t believe I hear any sounds when I press the horn button down on the stearing wheel. When I lock the doors i hear a double click the lights flash.

I am guessing I need a new horn, I’ll be able to check if it has power tomorrow evening, bought a test light.

I am just wondering how easy is it to swap out and anything else I should know.

If it was the steering column contact, it would still work when I lock the doors with the remote right?

Thanks in advance.

Your assumption is correct. The horn is easy to change, once you get to it. getting to it can be a problem on some makes, don’t know about yours.

It will be easy to test. Disconnect it and apply +12v to its lead. It should toot. Also, see if the lead from the relay provides +12v when someone presses the horn switch. Then you will know if the horn is defective or if you must look elsewhere.

If you do manage to get to the horn, I think you should check for voltage there before you replace the horn. An easy test, and it might keep you from wasting time/money on the horn.

If you don’t have a voltmeter or test lamp, you could try just touching a (thick) jumper wire from the battery to the horn’s positive terminal. (Depending on how the horn connections are made, you might also have to provide a ground connection.) Be prepared to jump – if the horn itself is OK, the beep will be loud.

And if the horn itself is OK, then you have to troubleshoot to find out where the break in its voltage path is.

I just bought a test lamp, I’ll be able to test for power tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully I just need a new horn.

Check the ground also, Horns ground out through their mounting brackets, and they’re located in a spot subject to corrosion. It isn’t uncommon for the ground to corrode and render the horn inoperative.

By the way, a generic replacement can be bought at any parts store for about $25.