Horn Blowing

Ok, so my the horn on my Dodge Stratus won’t stop blowing and I don’t know how to stop it. Will someone please tell me what to do???

I once had that problem with an '82 Olds. The car would beep on the slightest bump or any sudden stop :slight_smile: Basically, there’s a spring under the horn button that either slipped or broke. My mechanic fixed it in 5 minutes.

It could also be a shorted wire in the horn circuit. Grounding the horn wire blows the horn.

First, unplug the horn. Next, get someone who has a multimeter and knows how to use it to track down the problem. I had a Pinto years ago that did this. Turned out the horn switch on the steering wheel was shorted. It was a common failure for that car. If your car has a horn relay, try pulling it out and plugging the horn back in. Does that make the noise stop? If so the problem is either in the relay or the wiring from there to the horn switch on the steering wheel or the switch itself.

Good luck.