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Muted new horn

Dodge w100
Dodge w1
My (new) horn works intermittently. It does not work hardly at all if the wheel is turned sharply. Often the contacts (SWITCH?) ine steering wheel ( with cover off) spark as if there is a short.

As a W100 I am assuming this is a pretty old truck. As I remember pretty easy to install a new switch. May take a bit of searching to find one.
Alternately, you can wire the horn to a seperate push button.

Sometimes, when it rains, my right hip that I dislocated jumping off a 118 foot cliff when I was in my 20’s bothers me a little… I can always tell when its about to rain…

I figured I’d let y’all know this since it seems we are just offering info on this one


Likewise, I have no idea exactly how old the OP’s truck is, but… if it has a Clock Spring in the hub of the steering wheel… this sounds like a classic case of Clock Spring failure.

Would the OP care to enlighten us as to the model year of this vehicle?

See if you can figure out a way prove it is caused by the horn switch vs something else in the horn system. For example if you can find the connector to the horn switch, you might be able to disconnect it and just bridge the connector (as a working switch would when you pressed it) to see if the horn beeps that way or not.

Sometimes the bolt on the horn loosens up and just needs tightening. Rusted connection at the horn can do it too. Sometimes you have to pull the steering wheel to clean the contacts there. Those are some of the more common old horn problems other than replacing the horn.

I’m with @Honda_Blackbird on this one. My thought is to leave the windows open a bit and you can just scream when you want to alert other drivers. Works as well as anything else in my experience.

It’s the horn button/switch Folsom’s, from the OP.
Often the contacts (SWITCH?) ine steering wheel ( with cover off) spark as if there is a short.