2000 dodge stratus continuous horn blowing

So now my horn is blowing constantly. It started one day this summer after it had been in the sun for a long time. I found that inserting a folded piece of card paper in one of the crevices on top of the steering wheel stops it from blowing. This has been working great until yesterday the horn started to sound every time I’d make a left turn.
I did a little search and found this interesting bit of advice:
“Happened to me recently on my 96 Stratus 4 cy 2.4l after all kinds of investagation I took airbag assembly off the steering, it is held in with 2 torx you have to get in on the side, be carefull also disconnect battery cable and leave off for a few minutes, the washers are corroded that are at the bottom of the screws on steering colum, take off screws one at a time same size torx as outside and put new washers on, it is not hard to do this but not easy either”
I’m thinking of trying this very soon. One thing I think of is that my battery is mounted behind the left wheel well. I have to go out and check and see if I can disconnect the battery from above.
Aside from that, does this sound like it might fix the issue with the horn blowing? Thanks

I don’t know if the fix you have in mind will work or not but I do know that you can not disconnect the battery from above wife’s car had the same problem just removed the horn relay and did without the horn. To disconnect the battery you need to remove the panel from in front of the wheel well.

The negative battery cable is attached to the left spring tower. Remove the nut, lift the cable from the stud and place the eyelet over the stud.

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Just unplug the horn and take it to a shop to have the steering wheel removed and the offensive part replaced. My Morris Minor used to honk the horn when making a right turn and would scare a few people. I took the steering wheel off and some black tape took care of the problem.

I know from experience it is much easier to just pull the horn relay.

If the horn relay stays actuated it will discharge the battery, remove it.

Thanks with all the help with this. I finally got a spot on my block to do the work. I was able to disconnect the negative terminal to the battery easily. But I was only able to get one of the torque screws out to get the air bag off and couldn’t the other off for nothing. So I sent it to the garage. I’ll see today what he was able to do. Thanks again.

I’d guess that would work. One reason for disconnecting the battery is to disable the airbag system presumably. Sorry you had difficult with one of the screws. If the screws get corroded, not an uncommon thing :frowning: Your shop may have to drill the screw out and replace w/a new one.

Inside the steering wheel? Does it rain inside your car?

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OP states in top post

Corroded washers? That is inaccurate. The rubber insulating washers under the horn switch screws (red arrow) fail and cause the horn to sound. The airbag screws (yellow arrow) are inside a plastic holder.