2008 Mustang Horn

So out of no where, my horn went out on my car. I checked my relay with a fuse tester and it tested fine. My horn works when I press my alarm button but it wont work when I hit the horn button. Any ideas on what can cause this and what needs to be replaced?

I think you’ve already eliminated about 90% of the troubleshooting here. I’ll give you a hint…the horn button makes the horn blow. Barring any broken wires…you should be able to fix the problem rather quickly.

I would think you either have a bad horn switch or a bad clockspring in the steering column. Do you have any other buttons on your steering wheel, like for the radio or cruise control? Do they work?

Another thought . . .

Some cars have separate horns for the horn and alarm function

Is it safe for me to attempt to fix the problem myself? And yes, all other functions work on the steering wheel.

It depends on your level of expertise when it comes to mechanical work. If you have never worked on a horn switch or clockspring…I would advise you to find a good independent mechanic. Make sure the battery is disconnected if you do attempt the repair. Also…make sure you have a good repair manual available and read it over before you start.

Thanks a lot @missileman !

If there is an airbag in that area, me, I’d take it to a shop.