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Honda van won't start

After recharging the battery twice, the van still wouldn’t start. Then I checked the fuse to see if it’s out, and saw that it’s not. The van just wouldn’t start at all, but with a clicking sound, nothing else. What’s wrong?

How about if you give us some of the really important details, such as:

Model year
Odometer mileage
Whether this battery is the original, and if not, how old the battery is
Whether you have checked the battery terminals for a tight connection and for the presence of corrosion

Model: Odyssey
Year : 2003
Odometer mileage: 65,000
Battery is not original, but new less than a year,
Battery terminals’ connection is tight, and no corrosion

What happens when you hook up jumper cables and try starting it?

Do you have a volt meter? What does it show?

I bet the battery is bad. Did it get run down? How many times?