Honda van start-up problem

I have a 2006 Odyssey, 120,000 miles that has really been trouble free. Last year, while on vacation, the alternator went out, and it was replaced. Since that time, maybe a coincidence, I have had episodes where when I turn the key to start up, there is no response. The dash lights come on, but the engine does not even act like it wants to start. I turn the key a few more times, then the engine starts without a hesitation. This went on a few times before I took it in to the dealer. Of course, it did not have a problem starting there, so they checked the battery, and the battery cables. For the past year this has gone on very sporadically. It may go a month between episodes, or it may happen 3-4 times in a week, or even a day. Every time though, it will eventually start. Over the past year we have eventually replaced the battery, and one time we thought the problem was solved when the starter went out. However, the problem continues.

Any ideas…the dealer thinks that it may be a process of elimination before we can solve it??

I assume you mean it doesn’t crank. Maybe a click, but no crank sound …when it happens, you are missing the 'rrrr … rrr … rrrr ’ sound. I’ll also assume you have an automatic xmission. Ok, there’s a half-dozen or so things that have to work before the car will crank. If any one of them fails, no crank. If you don’t even hear a click, then the most likely problem is the neutral safety switch is broken or mis-aligned. My guess is that’s where to start looking. If you are hearing a click, then ask your mechanic to measure the voltages on both starter terminals during attempted cranking. If both are 10.5 volts or more during attempted cranking, and still no crank, there’s probably a problem with the starter motor.