Honda Odyssey igintion problem

I have 2003 Honda Odyssey and lately it gives a random ignition problem, specially after the few miles of driving the car is turned off and will not turn on again. The dealer has just recoded the keys and changed the immobilizer and the problem still exists. Please reply if you have come accross this situation. Thank you.

What happens when you turn the key? Click? How do you get it started? What happens if you try jump starting it? Clean battery connections? Put it into Neutral and try starting it.
How many miles on the Ody?

When I turn the key, the key turns, also all lights turn on including green key light that blinks, but engine wont start. This is an intermittent problem specially after I drive an half hour, turn off the engine and then it wont start again. Once I wait for one-two hours or in the morning when car cools off, it starts normally. The van has 130,000 miles. I have been to the dealer three times already in a week. The battery tests fine, all the keys are reprogrammed with the new immobilizer. Thank you for your reply.

When you turn the key to start it, do you hear a click? Does the starter turn the engine, but it just doesn’t catch and run?

ajaygrana, why repeat all your original info? Why not answer my specific questions? Thanks.

I apologize for the repeat info. When I turn the key, starter cranks the engine, but there is no ignition. Either putting in Neutral or Park, it will not start. Everything works fine after engine cools down.

Correct, the car cranks but the engine does not catch and run. Thanks.

Are you sure it’s an ignition problem and not fuel? Can you test for spark when this occurs?

Maybe it’s flooded with fuel from a leaky injector or fuel pressure regulator problem.