Does the Accord really need performance tires?

I am replacing the OEM tires (Michelin Pilot) on my Accord V6 and the tire shop (rhymes with Tears) tells me that I have to have H/V performance tires, even though they’re a lot more expensive than touring tires. Does the Accord really need performance tires, or will touring tires be fine. The OEM were P215/50R17 size and they have served me well.

There are H rated touring tires, I think. But if you got good use out of the Pilots, it might be worth sticking with them. How many miles did they last?

There are plenty of choices in your size including grand touring size for all budgets and tastes.

Sears has limited choices. Call some local independent shops. is good for lots of research, they have Kumho Solus KH16 for $111 each. Many other to chose from.

It’s a matter of Shelf Space and what tires they have on the shelf. Those are always the ones you “need”…

I have almost 47K, mostly on highway driving, but the treads are almost gone. We replaced my wife’s Sienna with T-rated Michelins that are $50 less per tire than the H/V, so I keep wonodering why an Accord would need performance tires when a Sienna, which is based on the comparable Camry’s frame, would not. Also, the local Hinda shop couldn’t give me any advice and said they ony stock replacements for the OEM tires. The new Primacy MXV4 look very good - but pricy, and the Goodyears and Goodrich tires get some knocks from tirerack readers about treadlife and/or excessive wear on the shoulders. I just don’t know enough

Your Accord will go faster than a Sienna so it has a higher speed rated tire. The higher speed rated tires are safe at higher sustained speeds, have crisper handling, and usually a projected tread life of 50000 miles or less. If you never drive over 100 mph you don’t need a high speed tire. Every passenger tire sold in this country is rated to go that fast. You might find some tire stores won’t sell you a tire with a speed rating lower than you have, but some will.

Owning a car costs money, and you bought a car that uses high performance tires. Did you research this issue to see how much replacement tires would cost before you bought the car? In any case, shop around for the tires, but don’t expect to find them as cheap as you did for your last vehicle that wasn’t designed to be used with high performance tires.

Are you a street racer? Do you plan to drive at 80 MPH a lot? If not, you don’t need the performance tires. You will be fine with standard all-season touring tires. I bought Yokohama Avid Touring tires for a kid’s Buick Regal and they are a huge improvement over the previous tires. Check the survey results and test results at Tire Rack, then compare them to what is available at in your area. If you go back to Sears, tell them what you want and don’t let them goad you into paying more than you need to.

Agree; unless you are racing across the country, you don’t need high performance tires, especially on a normal medium performance car!!!

A friend of mine had an Accord and an Odessey minivan, and they tried the same sales pitch on him!

Michelin X is a good all season radial and will not let you down, and last about 65,000 miles+ in normal driving. Costco sells them at a very good price.

As I understand it, in at least some states, a dealer who fits a tyre with a lower performance (speed) rating could be looking at a legal battle if the customer had an accident that even looks like it might have been due to the tyre.

MichelinX not avail in 50 series (OEM size stated by OP). Only performance or grand touring tires.

Lots of cars are rated for higher performance tires than they need, but 17" 50 series is going to reduce your choices significantly.

If you want lower speed rated tires than are recommended for the car, you have to carry the rims in loose, and have the tires mounted on the rims, not on the car. That gives the tire store a legal ‘out’ for any possible liability associated with putting the tires on your car. That is how I got Michelin X tires put on one of my 3-series BMWs. They handle fine and last a very long time. As someone pointed out, however, the X does not come in a 50 profile.