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Honda starting problem

I have a 2007 Honda Accord LX & had trouble starting it yesterday. Usually I turn the key & the engine starts. Yesterday morning I turned the key & nothing. Tried again this time with my foot on the acelerator & it started. Had the same problem that evening trying to start it in my office garage.

The start this morning was improved but not exactly perfect.

What could be the problem in such a new car?

First, you should clarify your statement–“I turned the key & nothing”. Does that mean that the starter did not turn the engine over, or does it mean that the starter engaged, the engine made sounds like it would start, but it did not actually start? But no matter which it was, you do not need to know what the problem is. That is the responsibility of the dealership.

Take it to the dealership and report the symptoms. You do not need to provide any possible diagnosis, and in fact, if you do provide one it will be ignored because the dealership is required to go through a standard diagnostic protocol so that they don’t start “throwing parts” at it at random. Only a computerized diagnosis is likely to reveal what the source of the problem might be, but be sure to describe the symptoms more definitely than “I turned the key and nothing”.

If you can describe exactly what happened (or did not happen), and the circumstances under which this situation occurred, that will give them the guidance that they need to begin their diagnosis. The solution to your problem is spelled w-a-r-r-a-n-t-y.

Thanks. What actually happened is I turned the key & the car made a sound almost like it was making an effort to try to start but wouldn’t actually turn over.