2013 Honda Accord sometimes won’t start

I have a 2013 Honda Accord 4 cyl. with 78,000 miles. Replaced the battery and starter last year. Recently sometimes it just won’t start. I put in and play with it for a while and then it will start. My mechanic doesn’t have a clue. Says we have to wait for it to act up. Do you have any idea what the problem is?

Sometimes won’t start has two meanings.

You turn the ignition key to start, but nothing happens.

Or, you turn the ignition key to start, the engine cranks over, but doesn’t start.


All the lights on the dash light up. Won’t start. No noise . Play around by shifting to neutral try to start again. Dash lights go on.

No sound . Rey it again and it starts like nothing ever happenes.

Is your model an LX, Sport, or EX? Depending on the model there’s a key or a fob.

Mine is the 4 chi. Ex. Could it be the electric switch?

Have you looked into issues with the key Fob? A source of mine from Honda said they have issues on the older models of keyless ignition. Have you replaced the key’s battery? and then I would look into a new key/re program.

I switched keys to one we hardly used and I thought it was ding good, but that didn’t seem to he help.