Honda slippping

I recently went to St. Thomas, VI on vacation to visit my family, while there my baby sister was having trouble with her car a 2000 Honda Accord (automatic). She says the transmission keeps slipping! Whenever she is driving up a hill, the car engine would start revving up and the car would stop moving. The car would sometimes move if she puts it in 1st or 2nd gear, the car work fine in reverse. But she can?t drive it that way. This is not the first time it happened, she said it started acting this way three months ago; she just ignored it (big mistake on her part I like to add). she took the car to our Nephew who poses as a shade tree mechanic, he tells her that she needs to change the transmission oil fine she did it but the car still acts the same way then he said she needs a new transmission. I told her she needs to stop fooling around with him. Can you please give me some advice that I could pass on to her so that she does not go out and waste her money on something I believe she does not need?

The young lady needs to have the car checked by a competent mechanic. If she’s been ignoring this problem for a while, there may, indeed, be some transmission damage, but the only way to tell is to take the car to a transmission expert.

Its probably too late now, but up to around this year, Honda used a cable from the throttle body to the transmission to control the pressure that was applied to the clutches. Yours may or may not have this cable, but if it does, then she needs to have someone check that it is taunt, not overly tight, but not loose. If it doesn’t have this cable, then it might be in that group that Honda is offering an extended warrantee on and will help with the cost of replacement depending on the age and miles on the vehicle.

No cable on these. Hydraulic pressure is controlled by the CPC (Clutch Pressure Control) or linear solenoids. A transmission shop needs to have a look at it. Scan it and monitor the CPC reading. The linear solenoids can be removed and the feed tubes (Three in all) can be examined and their screens cleaned if they are stopped up. If they are stopped up I would be looking closely at the converter.