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Honda - rear door wont open

My honda accord 1999 - rear door does not open from outside latch even when unlocked, it has to be opened from inside latch. A friend engaged the child lock and now it won’t open even from inside. Help! I have second child on the way and this issue will cause a big problem with 2 car seats!

Your friend made things more difficult. With the door open you, or someone else, could have removed the inner door panel to inspect the linkage to see why the outside handle wouldn’t work. Now you can’t open the door, which will make removal of the inner panel more difficult.

Does your friend have any more bright ideas?

Have you discussed this with a mechanic?

You could have fixed this before, when you could open the door and take off the inner panel. You’ll probably have to bring it to a body shop now.

I don’t know what the child lock looks like on your car, but I’ll assume it’s one of those little latches on the edge of the door. Since you have the other door to use for reference, is there any way you can slide a coat hanger or anything else in from the inside or the outside and catch the latch?