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1998 Honda Accord Door Handle

The door handle to the back door of my accord is broken.

I did a really silly thing and moved a switch on the doorframe, which makes it impossible for someone to open the car door from the inside. Therefore, I am unable to open my door at all, because the outside handle is broken.

What can I do?

There’s a rod which goes from the door handle to the latch. Use a hole saw to cut a hole just aft of the door handle, in the door panel. Reach in with needle-nose pliers and push the rod forward (and backward, for good measure).

That sounds kind of difficult to do.
What size is the hole saw?

Jen, See If A Local Salvage Yard Has And Will Sell You An Interior Door Trim Panel (In Your Color) And A Handle.

Some yards won’t take one off a complete door, but if the door is damaged on the outside they might sell it to you or if the car is scheduled for the crusher. You’ll have to make some calls. Be creative.

A take-it-off-yourself yard would be the best because you can see how the handle and latch work and install, too. Practice opening the door from inside, once the panel is off. Be sure to have a really good idea of what your panel and handle look like so that you get the right parts.

An inexpensive door panel clip remover tool from your local auto parts would make it easier. They’ll tell you how it works.

Usually the door needs to be open in order to remove the interior trim panel. However, you might be able to take out any screws you see (maybe on the arm rest, latch handle, or window switch) and rip and tear or cut away enough trim panel to be able to see or reach the release rods or latch lever.

Open the door and properly install the “new” used handle and trim panel.


Jen, You Could Flag Down A Passing Law Enforcement Officer.

I’m not sure about a rear door, but whenever my wife locks her keys in her car (She’s about due, now.) , the local police use a “slim Jim” and provide free “lock-out” service, opening a front door.

A lock smith could probably do it too, but at a cost.