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Honda rack and pinion

I own a 2016 Honda Civic with 45000 miles on it. I’m the second owner. I was told I need a new rack and pinion. Why would this be if the car is not old? I don’t live near salt water or in an area that snows. Would the rack and pinion be failing if something is wrong with the computer system in the car? Thanks in advance!

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Are you experiencing problems with the steering?

If so, there may be a problem with the electronic rack & pinion assembly.



Presumably whoever told you that the rack and pinion need to be replaced told you why. Was the car involved in an accident before you bought it? Does the steering bind up unexpectedly when turning? I agree that 45,000 miles is a pathetic life for something like this, however if the car was involved in an accident, this would not be Honda’s fault.

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The back drivers side door was hit in a parking garage but it was only cosmetic. The people from Honda told me it’s the rack and pinion, and she didn’t tell me why. I didn’t bother asking because I had to explain to her about five times what a jerking movement to the staring wheel meant.

Second opinion would be a good thing to do . Most any shop can fix this and it sounds like it may be close to failing and causing you to lose control. Also the second shop might explain what is wrong better.

Often times, the force from an impact can cause additional damage–such as bent suspension and steering components–even when the cosmetic damage is minor. Also, on some models, it is possible to damage steering and suspension components by driving over a curb or other similar obstacle even without any visible body damage.

If you think the Honda dealer’s diagnosis is wrong, or feel that the quoted price is too high, you should take the vehicle to another shop for a second opinion. It is possible that the diagnosis is correct, but you could have the repair done for a lot less money, for example using a remanufactured steering rack–which is something the dealer won’t do.

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That’s what I was worried about, that the minor accident might have caused this. But the other weird thing is there’s been two different occasions that I’ve tried to get into my car and the car locked. I couldn’t unlock it with the fob or the actual key. I couldn’t open the trunk. The guy from AAA changed the battery on the fob and the car unlocked. Which is weird since the key wouldn’t even open it. That’s why I was thinking I might have an electrical problem.

That is the reason you need a new rack and pinion assembly, you have a steering malfunction and it needs to be repaired.

Not the computer system (network), however I have replaced a few power steering control modules to correct inoperative power steering on a different make/model vehicle.

The key is mechanical, if it won’t turn in the lock, the key is cut wrong or the lock cylinder is binding.

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