Rack & pinion

I have a chevy aveo 2007 and my mechanic said that it needs a new rack & pinion. How serious is this and what are the consequences of not doing this repair right away?

What’s the problem?? Leaking fluid? What?

no fluid leaks, just a lot of play.

The “rack & pinion” is aka the “steering rack” or “steering gear” - it is the guts of your power steering.

But I’d be really surprised if you really needed a new rack on a 2007. So answer Caddyman’s question about the problem. Its likely that your mechanic has a boat payment coming up.

Get a second opinion.

How many miles are on the car?
What condition are the tires in?

Take it to an alignment shop, and ask them to check the alignment, and look at the steering system to see if anything looks worn out.