1995 Honda Accord


I have 142000 miles on it and the Honda Dealer said I need to fix the rack-n-pinion and struts. Is it worth it?


You are right on the borderline for being worth it but you are on the worth it side.


Get an estimate/assessment from an independent mechanic. The price will likely be less if both or one of the services are req’d. Both are relatively pricey jobs and not out the question on any 13 year old car despite the “golden” Honda name.


There are four struts on the car. It would be nice to change the struts; but it’s pricey. New struts will give a little better ride and control. If the problem with the rack and pinion steering leaking fluid, try a power steering stop leak product. It’s available at Walmart. It’s worked for me. An independent mechanic/shop is where you want to be (price wise).


If you’ve been maintaining the car correctly, it should last at LEAST another 142,000 miles. If that’s the case, I replace the worn parts and keep on driving.


It is possible that neither repair is absolutely required. You haven’t told us what the car is doing or not doing. But if you yourself concede that both repairs are needed, get a quote from a non-dealer mechanic. It should be significantly less.


If the car is solid otherwise then of course it’s worth it. Price the job around at a few independent shops. This will probably save you a respectable chunk of money.


Why did they say you need to fix those things? Is your power steering not working? Is power steering fluid leaking from your car? Are the struts leaking/broken? Are all 4 struts bad?

Did you take it to the dealer because of these problems, or did they find them during an oil change or something like that.

You also haven’t said anything about the condition of the rest of the car, which is obviously important when it comes to putting more money into the car.


If you are using the dealer, you may not know a good independent mechanic. Ask everyone you know and see if more than one recommend the same place. You should be able to put together a list of 3 shops to get estimates from. You can be up front about the work the dealer says you need and that you are getting competing estimates and assessments of whether you need the work done. You might want to make the point that you are looking for a mechanic to do business with in the future.


My car is in good condition. The body has no rust or damage. The interior is clean and no major blemishes. The car started making noises when I turned or changed lanes. I took it my local mechanic and he said it was the struts. I took to the Honda dealership for a second opinion and they told me about the rack and struts. It runs great for a 13 year old car! It has been in my family for the last ten years and I have all the service records. Thanks for the advice