Honda Pilot 03 brake click noise


Hi. I’m a first timer. I just bought a used 03 HOnda Pilot. I have had the car 2 weeks. Last week, a new noise started. When I engage the car in gear to either back up or drive, everything is fine, but the first time I apply the brakes after this initial start there is a clicking noise. It is just one click and it is fairly loud - easily heard when the car window is open. After this first brake, there are no more clicks when braking. When I stop the car and cut the engine, no matter how long it has been sitting, and start it up again, the same problem repeats every time. Help! I think I bought something with a big problem and I don’t know what to do!


Not being there to listen for the ‘click’, it will be hard to pinpoint.

You MAY have a sticking brake caliper.
Remember, it could very well be something else.

IF this IS the fault, the rear of the vehicle needs to be raised and the suspected wheel removed to check the caliper.


Have someone help you by standing outside the vehicle and listening at various locations around the vehicle until the area of the ‘click’ can be located.


Had the similar noise. It was my back breaks. They were not completly gone but they needed to be changed.


The noise you hear is probably the disk brake pads shifting back and forth in the caliper every time the vehicle reverses direction. We have several Hondas and they all do it. The dealership showed me a bulletin some time ago explaining that the pads were designed to move back and forth to keep down corrosion which I believe is a bunch of BULL. Our earlier Honda’s never did that but our 2002’s and my new 2007 do it. It usually starts after a few thousand miles. It won’t hurt anything but it is annoying. Hope this helps.