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Honda parts or JC Whitney

Power window on 1997 CRV circling the drain, Honda parts are twice the price (+) of JC, anyone ever bought replacement motor/gears for windows from JC or other discount firm. How did they do?

I’d go through rockauto, rather than JCW.

Have you tried any of the local auto-parts stores in your area??

eBay motors sells them. I’ve had the best luck with Direct Automotive Products ( They sell through eBay. I haven’t replaced by Honda motors yet, but I have replaced motors and regulators on my 1998 Regal. These last the longest (no failure yet) and seem to fit the best when bolting them in. They were less than $100 for the motor and regulator together.

You have been given good choices and you can go with any of them, including JC Whitney, without worry. Your part is simple enough that even a cheap one should get the job done.

The last time I needed a window regulator it was for a 20-year-old Mercedes. I bought the item online from a salvage yard specializing in parting out German cars. It has worked perfectly.

I’ve never been a big fan of mail order parts unless it’s the only option. Any problem with fit or quality can lead to delays at the least or being up the creek at the worst.

Unless it’s changed or there’s something I’m missing, I went by the Chicago JCW one time while attending a service school there. My impression was always of a large bustling warehouse but what I saw was a small (very) office. That was it.
This led me to believe that JCW is purely a drop shipper or they possibly have a warehouse located elswhere.

For on-line prices…there are some dealers that sell on line. This one dealer I’ve dealt with (Iron-Toad (Nissan Dealer)) out of Pennsylvania sells their OEM parts far cheaper then the dealer’s do around here…And yet if you when to Iron-Toad and bought the same part from their parts counter you’d pay the same price and dealers around here charge. Why they do this I have no idea…and I don’t care. Only had to buy a couple of parts from them like a rear-tail light.

Honda OEM parts you buy at the Honda dealership can be bought much cheaper online. You don’t need to buy them from JC Whitney. Google the phrase, “Honda OEM car parts” and you will find several good sellers of Honda OEM parts.