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Honda Odyssey rear vent windows

Rear side vents will not open. Seems both electric motors stopped working at the same time.

Did you check the fuse?

Yes, fuses 7 & 16 are good.

I have the same problem with a twist. My rear vent windows on my 2002 Odyssey operate… sometimes. One will work or both will work at random, but usually won’t open all the way when the do decide to move. When the windows fail to operate, I can hear a clicking noise coming from the vent window motors (one click when I press the window switch), and indication that power is getting to the motors.

We have a 2003 Odyssey. About a year ago one of the motors went out with the window open. Luckily I was able to get a new one pretty quickly (around $100 OEM). Swapping out the old one for the new wasn’t too bad once you got all the plastic paneling off. I only wish now I’d replaced both of them; there’s a noticeable difference in opening speed between the old one on the other side and the new one. Good luck.