'99 Town & Country Rear Vent Windows



The rear vent windows on my T & C will not open. Do I really need to take it to an “authorized dealer” to get this fixed? Is it a problem with the motor or fuses? Is there an easy fix?


You almost NEVER need to go to an “authorized dealer” for auto repairs. There are independent mechanics everywhere, and most are as good as, if not better than, the mechanics employed by dealers. In addition, independents have an incentive to deliver high-quality customer service because they want your repeat business.

If the windows are electrically powered, the problem could be the fuse, but it could also be several other things. The fuse is the first thing to check, and you can do that yourself. The owner’s manual should tell you where the fuse is and how to determine whether or not it is “blown.”

Any mechanic should be able to fix this problem.


Yep, I concur with the last post.

Likely a fuse with BOTH being out.

I have one vent motor that decides not to operate once in awhile so I know it’s the little motor or wire connection.


Whoa! The fault MAY be a bad switch.