1997 Honda Odyssey ignition

I own a 1997 Honda Odyssey-a couple of weeks ago when I turned the key it wouldn’t start…no noise,no clicking however the battery was working. I called Road service for a tow home and while waiting,I kept putting in the key.After 20 min.the car started and I drove home. Since then it’s gotten worse.It’s a gamble to go any where,never knowing if it will start or not. My husband replaced the ignition switch-that didn’t help and now says he’ll replace the starter ( if that doesn’t work he plans on replacing the entire ignition cylinder). My alarm system hooks into the ignition if that’s any help…any ideas ?

If it’s an aftermarket alarm I would get it removed. Have you tried putting the car in neutral and trying to start it. If it starts then the neutral safety switch is the fault. The alarm system definitely could be the problem. If it is aftermarket I would have it removed. Make sure all battery connections are clean and tight. I would have the battery load tested at Autozone or Advance for free.

Hit the starter with a hammer (not too hard, of course). If the car starts, it’s the starter.

The next time the engine refuses to start, with the ignition switch on so the dash lights are on, step on the brake pedal and shift the transmission into neutral and then try starting the engine.

If the engine starts the problem is with the park/neutral safety switch on the transmission.


Do not replace the starter on a guess. It’s pretty easy to find out for sure whether or not the starter is the problem. At the moment, if you turn the key and get no noise at all, then it’s probably not the starter. It’s probably that no power is being sent to the starter. A primary reason for that is the neutral safety switch, as noted.