Honda Odyssey Alarm Issue

The alarm on my 2004 Honda Odyssey has been intermittently going off for the last 10 days. It did it all day on a Saturday and Saturday night and then late the following Wednesday night. It just spent four days at the dealer and did not misbehave. I had to disconnect the battery so we and the neighborhood could get sleep those two nights and by doing that, I was told I wiped out the diagnostic codes in the computer. Anyone have a similar issue and if so, how did you get the issue resolved? I know about the 30 sec. vs. 2 minute alarms but I can’t let it run for a full 2 minutes at midnight! I presume the alarm is sounding for more than 30 seconds.

Update: Got the car back from teh dealer after it spent a quiet weekend in the shop. The alarm went off three times within an hour of getting it back! Took it back to the dealer and after almost 2 hours they finally got it to act up so that they could diagnose it - turns out they felt reasonably sure that the hood latch was the culprit. It was fluctuating the signal and reacting differently than the other latches/sensors. So, hopefully the dealer isolated the problem and solved the problem.