Honda odyssey 2010 uses oil

just purchased a 2010 odyssey, took a road trip and it uses oil about 1 quart every 1500 miles. what can we do? what do you know about this problem?
Does it do any harm as long a we keep an eye on it, other than it makes it more expensive to run. Help!!!

Manufacturers will often say that a quart per 1000 miles is ok even on a new car. So it’s called “normal.” I don’t buy that, but that’s what gets said.

If you keep an eye on it you should be fine. But change the PCV valve.

1 quart/1500 miles is absolutely fine

Check the oil level every few weeks and top off as needed

Another bit of advice . . . follow the severe service maintenance schedule. Most cars meet the criteria.

I would check for oil leaks. Spread some cardboard under the car at night and see if you find oil drippings. I purchased a 1965 Rambler in 1965 that had been driven about 7000 miles. It used a quart of oil after a trip of 700 miles. I was worried that I had an oil hog, but the dealer found that the valve cover gasket was leaking. A new gasket solved the problem and the car used no oil between 3000 mile changes. If you find none, just continue to monitor the oil level and add a quart as necessary. A quart every 1500 miles is not unreasonable. You might try a different brand of oil of the viscosity specified in your owner’s manual. It is possible that the previous owner put in the wrong viscosity oil. Also, some cars do better with different brands of oil.

It would be nice to know how many miles are on it, but generally 1 qt every 1500 miles is considered normal.

However, have you looked for leakage? There is a UV sensitive dye hat can be added to the oil for the purpose of finding leaks. You should be able to buy it at any parts store along with the blacklight. However, don’t get worried if you don’t find any.

I commend you, by the way, for monitoring your fluids. That’ll go a long, long way toward helping your car go a long, long way.

In addition to what has been said, I will also check or maybe even change the PCV (valve).

make sure this thing is level when you check it and let it cool off and drain back-a quart in 1500 isnt bad,sometimes oil will evaporate almost this much-Kevin

I will add that engines tend to burn more oil at sustained high speeds.
The Owner’s Manual often mentions this.
I had an '88 Accord that used no measurable oil during routine driving in the city and short (<2 hours) highway trips, but burned about a quart per 5000 miles on long road trips.

Have you changed the oil? If not, I would, make sure you replace it with the recommended grade and type.

And how many miles are on it?