Using Oil

I have a 2001 Honda Passport 3.2l V6 it has 152000 miles on it and it use’s a quart of oil between oil change’s. It does have any leaks and it does not smoke. The car runs great else is wrong with it. What kind I do to stop it from using oil?

nothing. if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

You are doing just fine! Keep up with regular maintenance, and fix leaks when they occur.

A quart of oil between oil changes in quite normal for most modern cars. (How often do you change the oil?

Every 3000 miles.

People say that using a quart in 3K is normal. And I guess it can be. But I’ve never had a car that uses that much oil - and I have gotten some up to some pretty high miles.

I guess I haven’t really toasted an engine yet either, but anytime I’ve lost that much oil its b/c of a leak. How do you know that you have no leaks? You can easily lose a lot of oil without leaving a puddle under the car. It needs to be inspected.

Check your PCV valve.

Either way, my own experiences are just my own experiences. This kind of thing is called “normal” and lots of people drive around for a long time adding oil when needed. You’re other options involve things like rebuilding the engine.

I have inspected it already but the last time I have changed the PVC valve was around 3 years ago.

You really have no complaint, just 1 qt. in 3000 miles. I would just check and top it off every 1000 that way you could see if the consumption increases.