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Honda Ody, 2004, front wiper motor instal

Quick stats:

Honda Odyssey, 135K+ miles.

Needs a new FRONT wiper motor installed.

Dealer wants almost $400 for the part, $350 to install it… so yeah, I am doing it myself if it costs me a finger.

Bought a used motor from a junk yard for $60.

Want to save even more money by not buying a Haynes manual…

now, your turn… tell me how to do it… GO!

  1. Open hood.
  2. Remove cap nuts from wiper arms and remove wiper arms.
  3. Remove hood seal/air scoop by prying off clips and removing screws.
  4. Unplug wiper motor
  5. Remove bolts/nuts from wiper linkage assembly.
  6. Scribe a reference line across link/wiper linkage for reassembly.
  7. Remove three mounting bolts for the wiper motor and separate wiper linkage.
  8. Remove wiper motor.


sounds too easy. I will try it and come back later to tell you all the new curse words I came up with.

Oh my gosh… it was too easy…
Bought a used part on ebay for $70 (Honda wanted almost $400 for it new) and installed it in like 2 hours (Honda wanted about $350 to install it).
I didn’t want to spend another $20 on a Haynes manual for my Ody so I looked up how to replace the wiper motor in my 2003 Accord Haynes manual… :slight_smile: t worked!@

In the future if you need Genuine Honda parts at a discount try it’s where I get all the parts for my '89 Accord. Also, congratulations on your success!